Rustic style exteriors

The rustic style of warm locations where terraces and open-air areas can be enjoyed, and in them, shades of sand, earth and beige fill the space to create a welcoming atmosphere.READ MORE

Exquisite white for the design of commercial premises

In interior design, achieving elegance in the flooring of a space as well as easy maintenance and resistance is a well-kept secret, working with the highest quality materials.


The warmth of “nude” style in the bathroom

“Nude” color is becoming the indisputable star in the color palette also in interior design. READ MORE

Innovation, cutting-edge and comfort at IMM Cologne

The International Interiors Show, the IMM Cologne (Germany), is the benchmark event for the furniture, lighting and interior design sectorsREAD MORE

Pitch black for the bathroom

Avant-garde and elegance are terms that go hand in hand with black, with absence of color, of light.


Revestir interiores en cemento porcelánico XLIGHT

Cement is not just a durable building material, it is also useful as final surface in architecture and interior design.