Atractivo minimalista en la terraza

Minimalist style terraces tend to favour shades of grey in order to accommodate different styles and, naturally, all kinds of changes in decoration that can give shape to anything from a leisurely and exclusive dinner to a “shabby chic” party, or simply to change along with the fashion accessories in season.

And the fact remains, the colour grey is generally an outdoor trend for creating welcoming, secluded spaces where it is possible to have a modern, uniform and neutral ambiance with fine details.

One proposal that combines Scandinavian romanticism with minimalism.. wooden furniture, some good cushions to relax in and of course lots of plants, emphasising a railing that acts like a small garden with various plant species, whose colours and textures will stand out even more thanks to the grey background.

Of course, floor and wall coverings are moving away from absolute white in order to articulate a similarly bright space. Pacified colours and timeless textures which serve as a foundation for homes with continuous interiors and exteriors in which each room has a special allure with the decorative elements.

So this is one of the essential lines from URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo,  the NEO collection, a full-body porcelain stoneware which stands out because of the elegance of its chromatic hues, the strength and functionality of the material in the design thanks to a broad range of special tiles for finishing off projects to the last detail.

Minimalist? Romantic? Scandinavian? Several very different styles, all of which call for much needed and desirable relaxation.