Exquisite white for the design of commercial premises

In interior design, achieving elegance in the flooring of a space as well as easy maintenance and resistance is a well-kept secret, working with the highest quality materials.

And if there is anything which can bring distinction to commercial premises it is white marble style surfaces which bring luminosity, purity and elegance.

Used since time immemorial, the luxurious appearance of this noble material gives a touch of class with the recent large-size ceramic tile designs which allow it to be used in business projects.

Durability and resistance, requirements of any floor that is going to have continuous people traffic, and which is now possible with the prestigious selection from XLIGHT Premium thanks to the new 100x100cm size of the most distinguished 9 mm thick collections.

A timeless surface which embellishes spaces of large magnitude where elegance of the marble is required as well as the resistance and infinite advantages of porcelain tiles of the URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Eternal purity which holds intrigue in architecture and interior design due to the infinite possibilities of XLIGHT.