The development of oxides and woods in architecture

Architects, interior designers and landscapers use the strength of weathering steel and woods to create unique combinations, ensuring their long-term aesthetics with the use of the latter in the form of porcelain tiles.READ MORE

Wood and water, minimalist creativity


Every project is an opportunity to meet your current needs or even a step forward to the needs of the future, but this is only possible when creativity is given full rein.READ MORE

Passion for cement in interior design

Our passion for cement and its development in the form of porcelain is well known. The fact is that concrete has an infinite number of variants and details which enable the creation of industrial, Nordic or urban environments, among others.READ MORE

Atractivo minimalista en la terraza

Minimalist style terraces tend to favour shades of grey in order to accommodate different stylesREAD MORE

Penthouse, terrace or garden. Cozy exterior design

When designing outdoor spaces we can create cozy and functional environments taking advantage of new products and solutions which give a great advance to the home.READ MORE

The warmth of “nude” style in the bathroom

“Nude” color is becoming the indisputable star in the color palette also in interior design. READ MORE