Passion for cement in interior design

Our passion for cement and its development in the form of porcelain is well known. The fact is that concrete has an infinite number of variants and details which enable the creation of industrial, Nordic or urban environments, among others.

Finding the calmness and tranquillity of this material has created a serene cement surface which is included in the broad collection from URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo: CONCRETE, STARK, MORSE, COVER, CORE and ON.

STREET goes even further than concrete, taking it from a cold, hard and heavy material and converting it by design into a warm and welcoming surface. An improvement of this porcelain classic with smooth contrasts.

Cement is not only used to design industrial spaces, it is also the perfect canvas for avant-garde cuisine, an eclectic bathroom or a homely country house where all the conveniences we wish to find, even in the middle of nature, can be brought together.

In the interior design proposal, STREET offers practicality with a resistant, porcelain tile floor open to the outdoors which combines the captivating essence of the worn wood of furniture, metallic complements and wickerwork textures.

A material with a lot of substance and a wide range of tones which help to propose new interior designs with the charm of careful imperfection