Rustic style exteriors

The rustic style of warm locations where terraces and open-air areas can be enjoyed, and in them, shades of sand, earth and beige fill the space to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Contexts in which it is important to combine natural textures such as wood, stone and ceramics, and clay with green open spaces. Traditionally made surfaces which, as well as being aesthetically harmonious, are also resistant and capable of supporting the worst climatic conditions without being altered.

In order to become integrated into the landscape and reinforce its traditional nature, such as paving, stone surfaces are a classic that is reinvented every year, and of course, in the form of porcelain tiles this ensures a natural and comfortable beauty.

The graphic variety of staone combines with the practicality of DEEP de URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo  porcelain stoneware which, along with the non-slip finish, is the only unflagging material that ensures a timeless style to be passed from generation to generation.