“GOLDEN – ROSÉ” at home, Indoor Design trend for 2018

In the world of trends, we know that trends in daily clothing, decoration, or architecture are the reflection of the knowledge about the past with a passion for the future, i.e. the continuous challenge of progressing day by day.

Therefore URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo completes the selection of XLIGHT Premium marble flooring with an inevitable key star in the white range. These are known by just mentioning a name such as “Statuario”, “Calacata”, “Venatto” or “Carrara” and are as recognizable as they are unique. And each one of them has infinite variations that make these whims we discover in nature special, such as the “Calacatta Gold” quarries.

At this time, the breakthrough in ceramic design allows us to faithfully reflect the surface of one of the most valued marbles in interior design, unthinkable up until now as it is a very limited and valued product. And in addition, it provides all the technical advantages of the XLIGHT fine porcelain tile.

This is because the “GOLDEN” colors take over in interior design, inspiring the launching in this color, which acquires new meanings nowadays. Until now, it was common to see it in jewelry and some decoration accessories. A jewel that has up until now always been a complement, becomes the star.

Thus, XLIGHT Premium GOLDEN White perfectly draws a fabulous marble with tree-like veins in shades of gray, beige, and gold on a golden yellow to white gradient background.

Emphasizing this “GOLDEN” aesthetic, one of the endless combination possibilities that always stands out is creating an avant-garde atmosphere with metal decorative elements in “Rose Gold”, also called “Cooper” with L’Antic Colonial’s Gravity Aluminium Hexagon Rose metal mosaic. Wood as a harmony element, and Noken’s bathroom plumbing fixtures and accessories.

This classic marble reinvents itself thanks to the avant-garde designs, to convey the temporality and elegance, placing its bets on less pretentious styles that can be used in everyday settings.

A GOLDEN touch in the home to dress in trend.