The virtues of beige in interior design

The focus for warm environments, beige lets us create comfortable and relaxing atmospheres, as well as infinite combinations and looks.

A hue that brings light in warm tones, elegant, natural, and timeless, and that in matte surfaces generates a soft feel that incites the touch.

In architecture and interior design, it is used to provide comfort while it gives an impression of space and spaciousness. A harmony that is strengthened when it comes from surfaces that enhance their connection with the planet such as marbles and stones, providing the calm and serenity longed for in decoration.

In combinations, the most widely used color in combination is brown, opposite in terms of brightness. Thus, a beige interior evokes an air of serenity combining with touches of white, comfortable textures like linen and wool, and of course, wood.

The material to make it come true? The XLIGHT Premium ARS Beige porcelain tile surface, the URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo  line that magnifies the beauty of semi-precious stones in a unique jewel. With a warm hue, it overlaps a fine interlinked veining in ivory tones on a white background that provides brightness.

A material that lets us create any type of volume, from flooring to wall coverings using the 120 x 250 cm and 120 x 120 cm large format in 6 mm thickness, facilitating as is already known, modularity in design, transport, and handling.

Our proposal, extend the base materials at home, from the bathroom to the bedroom, the garden or the color to fit the details in each space.

If it is possible… Why not make it come true?