The interior design project for the boutique specializing in clothes and accessories that we present here sought to create a store with a stylish, up-to-date look, decorated with timelessly attractive materials able to bring luminosity and a sense of continuity to its interiors.

Located in the city of Monaco, the boutique stands out for its use of slimline NVY XLight porcelain sheets on the walls and also to make items of furniture like the counter and benches. The collection’s marble appearance infuses the store with personality and distinction, due to its diversity of patterns and the random shade variation of each of the sheets. Thanks to this shade variation, it can be used on broad stretches of adjoining surfaces.

The large-format slimline XLight range by URBATEK PORCELANOSA Grupo is available in a 100x300cm format, in addition to a wide variety of smaller sizes (50×150 cm, 100×100 cm, 50×100 cm) and special cut-down formats to meet the needs of all possible design projects.

Because the ceramic sheets have a slimline thickness of just 3.5 mm, their ensuing low weight (≃8kg/m2) makes them easy to lay, following URBATEK’s guidelines (as detailed in the XLight catalogue) and using the handling, cutting and installation tools supplied by Butech, PORCELANOSA Grupo’s specialist in building solutions.

XLight NVY combines all the advantages of URBATEK porcelain tile materials with the quintessential beauty of white marble, patterned with grey veins. XLight NVY is not a passing trend. The collection offers full guarantees of success when it comes to the creation of exclusive, up-to-the-minute interiors, a look that is increasingly popular nowadays for commercial premises like stores, hotels and spas.

Sistema constructivo:

Revestimiento interior


XLight NVY 100x300cm




Mónaco, Principado de Mónaco




March 2, 2016