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  • Hospital de Vigo
  • Hospital de Vigo
  • Hospital de Vigo


With this architectural project, Luís Vidal + Arquitectos (Vicente Fernandez Couto and Jacobo Rodriguez-Loseda) aspired to meet the need to concentrate the province of Pontevedra’s healthcare services (in Spain) in one big socially viable, environmentally sustainable, forward-looking hospital.

Based on the concept of airport-style hospitals, Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in Vigo is one of the biggest, most modern healthcare centres in Europe in terms of its infrastructure and equipment. It has also been awarded the international “BREEAM Es” certificate, given to buildings that fulfil some of the strictest requirements in sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental care.

The aim was to humanize the hospital by taking an innovative approach to the design of its different facilities, making optimum use of natural light and views of outdoor areas in order to create a pleasant setting. The idea was to come up with new settings that incorporate features ranging from indoor gardens to materials that convey a sense of natural charm and comfort, like the textured surface of the stone-effect 59.6×59.6cm DEEP Light Grey Nature collection by URBATEK, chosen for the hospital’s transit areas and waiting rooms. By laying the tiles in random fashion, facing different ways, a very dynamic, natural look can be achieved.

As is also the case with ‘therapeutic gardens’, this natural-look flooring, with its wide variety of patterns, was one of the solutions chosen to add a more human touch to the hospital: a group of buildings where new ceramic tile materials have been used to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.





DEEP Light Grey Nature 59,6×59,6cm.


Vigo, España




September 8, 2016