Architect Vittorio Simoni was commissioned with the renovation of Terhills Hotel, in Maasmechelen (Belgium), in the heart of the charming Hoge Kempen National Park. His aim was to breath new life into the former offices of Eisden coal mine, a historic building built in the 1920s, transforming it into an enchantingly comfortable hotel.

For this purpose, Simoni chose the contemporary designs of the XLight NVY collection for the bathroom walls, not just for the visual potential that these marble-effect porcelain tiles offer but also due to the excellent performance of Urbatek tiles in places subject to heavy traffic, like hotels, where a perfect finish is a constant requirement.

Behind the building’s svelte façade, the spectacular marble-effect tiles from the NVY collection blend in with the hotel’s deluxe modern design, complementing and enriching its majestic architecture. In its renovation, a sophisticated look was achieved by reinterpreting timeless fine materials.

This project highlights the advantages of using porcelain tiles in bathrooms. The tiles are non-absorbent, which makes them a more practical choice for places subject to heavy use, like hotel bathrooms, given their high resistance and easy-to-clean surface. These high-performance tiles are also perfect for refurbishment projects, since they are quick to lay and easy to handle, due to their slimline thickness: an added value in projects where time is of the essence and rubble-free refurbishment work is required.

NVY’s marble-effect wall tiles come in a 300×100 cm format. Its slimline 3.5mm-thick tiles come in a neutral matt Nature finish.


Revestimiento interior



XLight NVY 100×300 cm


Hugo Thomassen


Hotel Terhills


Maasmechelen, Bélgica




Vittorio Simoni,


March 2, 2016