C-architecture, the well-known Spanish architects’ studio, has stood out, in recent months, for its innovative use of materials in the firm’s latest water sports project.

Located in La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia), the new facilities designed by the firm add the final touches to an existing sports complex. The improvement project comprises an indoor hall with a main 25×16.5m swimming pool, plus a small teaching pool, a jacuzzi and numerous adjacent treatment and sports rooms.

Given the characteristics of the project and need for strict hygiene levels, tiles with a high resistance and good sanitary properties were needed, and so a decision was made to opt for URBATEK high-performance through-body porcelain tiles for the different communal rooms.

White tiles from the TOWN collection in a nature finish were chosen for their architectural characteristics and the 60×30 CITY Zone Nature model to pave areas requiring these specific properties. These floor tiles guarantee the functional and formal requirements sought by AC-architecture, as well as ensuring a project with the Porcelanosa quality guarantee.

URBATEK’s reputation and the tiles’ low maintenance were also key factors when products were chosen for the different rooms. As a result, L’Argila sports complex is now equipped with first-class, efficient, functional facilities, where avant-garde aesthetics have been combined with functionality and high quality building standards.

To conclude, mention must be made of the prism generated by the ventilated façade with its horizontal strips, made of phenolic resin board of different sizes. This identifying hallmark maximizes the natural light that enters the building, eliminating any visual obstacle that might affect the spacious luminosity of its interiors.





CITY Zone Nature 29,7×59,6 cm

Town White Nature 59,6×59,6 cm


La Pobla de Vallbona, España




Ayuntamiento de La Pobla de Vallbona


Carlos Gutierrez, Emilio Conejero


March 3, 2016