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  • pavimento espesorado suelo tecnico elevado
  • pavimento espesorado suelo tecnico elevado


“Premium Porto Downtown Hotel” is an exclusive hotel from the “Hotéis Premium” chain, located in the city of Oporto (Portugal) and designed to meet the needs of more exacting guests who seek a unique setting with attention to even the finest of details, from avant-garde architecture to top-quality service.

The hallmark of hotels from the “Hotéis Premium” chain is their excellence. This is a fundamental requisite throughout guests’ stay, because quality is not just limited to the hotel’s services. The chain’s emphasis on excellence ranges from the materials used to create the hotel’s different facilities and the catering it offers to its most deluxe services.

“Premium Porto Downtown Hotel” is strategically located in the centre of this lovely city, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, where it boasts a marvellous terrace with panoramic views of the skyline of Portugal’s «northern capital».

The stunning rooftop terrace, conceived for guests’ enjoyment all year round, is one of the hotel’s most salient features. Designed to receive a constant flow of guests, allowing them to enjoy views of the horizon from one of the city’s highest points, paving was needed that would stand out for its beauty, quality and functionality in keeping with the rest of the building. Robust, resistant, impervious URBATEK porcelain tiles were chosen in a design that evokes all the beauty of natural stone in order to ensure flooring with a strong natural appeal.

As its name indicates, the 20MM collection comes in a 20mm thickness that provides a high resistance to temperature changes, as well as being suitable for use in raised access flooring systems (RAF). The Dublo Grey collection, available in a 60.3×60.3cm format, stands out from among its counterparts for its uniform compact body in a non-slip finish.





DUBLO Grey 60,3×60,3 cm.


Portugal, Portugal




January 27, 2017