Revestir interiores en cemento porcelánico XLIGHT

Cement is not just a durable building material, it is also useful as final surface in architecture and interior design.

When in addition to following a look we want durability, resistance, and easy maintenance, the best choice are reinterpretations made in porcelain tile. And along this line there is a wide range of variations going from uniform cements to micro cements and concretes with formwork imprint, as can be seen by the wide range of products available in URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo; CONCRETE, CORE, COVER y MORSE, and the XLIGHT CONCRETE, XLIGHT CODE and XLIGHT STARK  lines as large-format ceramic sheets.

At this point, XLIGHT CONCRETE consolidates itself as the most demanded porcelain tile, both for indoor wall coverings and facades, thanks to its easy adaptability to construction systems, its lightness for handling and transport, and of course for being a safe guarantee in the future.

With a thickness of only 3,5 mm and a wide 100 x 300 cm surface, it is the best solution for contemporary houses seeking a feeling of spaciousness and brightness without giving up the advantages of ceramic surfaces in three shades, the classic XLIGHT CONCRETE Grey as a safe bet, the XLIGHT CONCRETE Beige color as a warmer variation, and XLIGHT CONCRETE Black, the strongest effect.

As examples, some prominent projects such as BEZEL HOUSE and STEALH FLAT.