A spectacular greenhouse for the home

Whenever we think about the exterior of our home, the first things that spring to mind are gardens, patios and terraces. However, if one of your preferred hobbies is looking after the plants and garden, the best option if space allows is for a wonderful greenhouse.

One of the most impressive options is for large windows which let in a huge amount of light insulate from temperature changes, connected to the outdoors 365 days a year. Spectacular glass constructions integrated into the surrounding natural environment, allowing us to contemplate its beauty from warm and welcoming interiors.

A must in this type are interior designs of a country look, completed with elements of Romantic style such as wrought iron furniture, ceramic posts, metal components, wicker and of course wood and stone lamps.

This final surface, used as a floor in porcelain stoneware is waterproof, resistant and easily maintained, ensuring durability and safety thanks to its non-slip finish. Which collection makes this set possible? The KRONO stone style collection from URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo..

So, whether you need a complete redesign of the garden or terrace, or if you just want to upgrade, we invite you to dream in order to make it a reality.