The sublime XLIGHT Premium by URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Group once again creates an impact at the Habitat Trade Fair, Valencia.

The design studios Odosdesign and La Mamba Studio together with the Centro Oficial de Estudios Superiores “Barreira Arte + Diseño, with whom Porcelanosa Valencia will be working closely as sponsor of the Masters in Interior Design, Creativity and Innovation, have opted for this surface due to its versatility and easy application to any type of design, including transient areas.

AGORA Nude, the venue for design

Under the artistic direction of Odosdesign, AGORA de Nude Generation has become the centre for sharing expertise and aspirations with the most prestigious speakers at the Habitat Trade Fair.

The latest furnishings from Sancal and custom-made curtains from Kriskadecor, with stunning XLIGHT porcelain tiles as the backdrop. Subtle XLIGHT Premium LUSH White marble is combined with fabrics in avant-garde tones with metallic contrasts.

Barreira Arte + Diseño, high contrast black and white

The Centro Oficial de Estudios Superiores “Barreira Arte + Diseño” will present its training course in an interactive area where absolute white XLIGHT Premium KALA White and NYLO Black, both in a polished finish, have been used to create a setting which reinforces the impact of the random, multi-directional installation.

The area, designed by Víctor Segarra, Barreira Arte + Diseño student tutored by Paco Sanchis and Luis Calabuig.

The design’s main premise was to use an easy to install material, diametrically opposite to the other elements, which would produce a striking effect when contrasted with these materials. The interplay of coloured threads represents each of the disciplines taught at the design centre. An interplay of threads connected to the future.

CARMENES, on-trend porcelain marble and textiles

CARMENES has also selected XLIGHT Premium to present its latest furniture collection.

The imposing stand created by La Mamba Studio is divided into four areas which display the latest pieces from their catalogue of sofas, armchairs and occasional tables following their collaboration with acclaimed designers such as Francesc Rifé, La Mamba Studio, Savage and Jorge Pensi.

Combinations of materials and shapes – fabrics, woods and lacquers – with characteristic XLIGHT marbles.

In this area, the company opted for XLIGHT Premium SAVAGE Dark, a more restrained, exclusive collection by PORCELANOSA Group, and the perfect backdrop to create an atmosphere that will never disappoint.

In short, products that reaffirm URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Group’s market leading performance in the world of design.