XLight’s technical characteristics make it a superb choice as a material in fully integrated designs. It can be used to create eye-catching façades, decorative indoor wall surfaces, and doors requiring all the resistance of porcelain tiles.

As a result of collaborative projects with other companies from PORCELANOSA Grupo, XLight can be used in ventilated façades and false ceilings, integrated in building solutions developed by Butech, or as a covering for Gamadecor kitchen furniture, among other applications.


A façade is the image that is retained of a work of architecture.
XLight are slimline porcelain sheets with a thickness of just 3.5 mm and an immense 100x300cm format, facilitating their use outdoors in building solutions developed by Butech, PORCELANOSA Grupo’s technical specialist XLight combines high-performance technical and mechanical characteristics with a wide variety of possible designs, allowing for the creation of avant-garde, high-quality, long-lasting façades that can be installed using a variety of different systems.

To guarantee maximum safety, XLight slimline porcelain sheets have a fibreglass mesh backing to prevent them from coming loose in the case of hypothetical cracks. They have a water absorption rate of <0.5% (Group BIa) in accordance with the UNE 14411 and ISO 13006 standards.



XLight can be used to bring a new facelift to all walls, thanks to its low weight, slimline thickness and modular formats, avoiding the generation of rubble.

Thanks to its variety of standard formats, time savings can be achieved. This makes it a perfect choice for the refurbishment of areas in constant use, since projects can be completed in record time, thus saving on construction costs.

1- Measure the area to be refurbished
2- Choose a collection and design the layout, based on the available formats
3- Order the appropriate formats and mark out the area to be tiled


XLight can be used to design exterior and interior doors, fronts for kitchen units, and furniture, providing an inalterable covering made of 3.5mm-thick porcelain sheets.

Usable both outdoors and in indoor areas subject to constant use, XLight avoids the scratches and stains that occur over time, while also guaranteeing easy care thanks to the sheets’ low water absorption rate.

All projects are different and XLight is an ideal base material for designs that require the technical advantages of porcelain tiles. It can be used on concealed doors, wardrobes or cupboards thanks to its low weight, or as a backsplash in new building or refurbishment projects where it can be laid on top of existing materials, due to its slimline thickness. It can also be used to clad furniture in kitchens, bathrooms or on terraces, among other applications.



Because XLight porcelain sheets are impervious and resistant, with a low weight and slimline thickness, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor modular PODS.

Using prefabricated PODS with different makeups, projects can be designed for residential, commercial or other fully customizable purposes with the assurance of thermal insulation, safety, durability and the quality of XLight’s different finishes.


Innovative approaches to interior design combine creativity with materials that meet the necessary technical requirements of the project and guarantee functional living spaces.

XLight is the perfect solution when it comes to decorative indoor wall coverings thanks to its functionality and eye-catching visual appeal, leading to the creation of settings with an exclusive allure. It is highly recommended for public spaces, commercial premises and residential areas where cleanliness and low maintenance are important.


Choosing the right ceiling is very important in the design of commercial premises or offices. False ceilings are an ideal solution for the lighting, concealed network and maintenance requirements of this kind of project.

Thanks to the low weight of XLight slimline porcelain sheets, the range’s wide variety of collections in different designs, and Butech building solutions, comfortable areas with an exclusive touch and distinct design appeal can be created.