The warmth of “nude” style in the bathroom

“Nude” color is becoming the indisputable star in the color palette also in interior design. It was introduced by fashion in catwalks and every day we can see shop windows full of these soft colors.

But, what is “nude” style? As we said, it comes from the fashion industry and personal stylism, especially as a trend with natural colors and textures used both in clothing and in make-up.

This trend arrives powerfully to interior design, dressing contract spaces and homes with neutral, brown and beige shades and a wide variety of pinks combined with warm whites to create a calm and relaxed environment. The subtlety and exquisiteness of this soft range create very delicate settings, ideal for dressing living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms with natural materials as linen fabrics and woods.

These interiors, seeking for simplicity, are presented almost naked; nature, serenity and freshness. “Nude” invites us to display rooms with simple elements which create a pleasant environment, and for that, the choice of every element must be in perfect harmony.

Thus, among a wide palette of neutral shades, the beauty of the smartest stones in the KRONO Clay porcelain tile outstands for the smooth overlappings and crossed veins which, being randomly combined in floor and wall, achieve a great natural dynamism in earth shades.

And paying attention to details, we can achieve amazing spaces with furniture that makes the difference, as the PURE range from Systempool, copper accessories and curved shapes with KRION Solid Surface.

Charming spaces to live in.