Make your space a clean and healthy

Urbatek’s technical porcelain is one of the best materials to be used in the most clean and disinfection demanding spaces.

The material’s own nature, totally inert, because of its extremely low porosity, it is 100% mineral sourced and the Porcelanosa bespoken quality, make our Urbatek material a one of a kind.

-Almost nonexistent water absortion, makes it impossible for bacteria and fungus to proliferate.

-Outstanding performance of the material allows agressive cleaning procedures, bleach, high pressure steam, acids, alkalis, solvents….

-In the case of polished finishings, we also apply a lifetime nano particle treatment to seal any eventual pore that could arise as a result of the polishing process.

-It withstands mechanical cleaning machines, rotative ones, etc.

-Taking care of the environment ends up taking care of ourselves. Urbatek is fully recyclable and is already produced mostly with recycled raw material. Also, its extremely long duration will make it unnecessary to replace it in many years. Most environmentally friendly resources are those never used.


And all the above, keeping the highest design standards for any Project.


In order to help you keeping your Urbatek material clean and safe for a lifetime, find here our cleaning and maintenance guides. No matter if you have a polished or nature one.

Following these guides, not only eases your daily cleanning routines, it also optimises the results and ensures the material will keep its aesthetics and performance for many, many years.

Urbatek, the material that takes care of you, today and forever.