The last two weeks PORCELANOSA Grupo has held its annual International Exhibition and with this one there are now 26 editions of progress, innovation and high-level exhibition. The eight companies in the group opened the doors of their showrooms after months of intense work investigating the latest trends in design, architecture, interior design and construction.


Urbatek’s has been one of the most outstanding showrooms, as the growth experienced in recent years has been crowned by a showroom with which it really identifies, presenting the possibilities of its products in an unparalleled way.



This year the concept of traditional ceramics has been set aside to focus on the creation of sintered minerals from higher purity raw materials. With this new premise, the company wanted to achieve the customization and authenticity that all clients look for in their projects.

The raw material has been the inspiring reason for the concept of marble workshop with easels in which to display the large format of our products. A wide entrance space where you can get to know the new collections and their properties, as well as four spaces that show the endless creative possibilities they offer us.



In this edition, a wide range of materials has been presented, ranging from the most traditional marbles to cements that do not go out of fashion. For the XLIGHT collections, we have worked on handmade decorations with the possibility of a third fire finish that will allow us to combine the different bases with each one of them.

The large home covered with the fine thickness, large format introduced in the living room the ARES model, a classic marble that intertwines veins with great luminosity and warmth at the same time, thus causing the disorder that makes this piece a unique element. In the bedroom, the new KRANE design takes center stage in its two shades, contrasting with the decoration of the headboard. The bathroom, the most photographed area, had as its star the eroded cement of techniques that evoke the industrial functionalism of the first decades of the twentieth century, the TEMPO collection in Grey color.