The development of oxides and woods in architecture

Architects, interior designers and landscapers use the strength of weathering steel and woods to create unique combinations, ensuring their long-term aesthetics with the use of the latter in the form of porcelain tiles.

Outdoor areas with a clear tendency toward appreciation of materials that provide the essence of products with the appearance of inherent wear and tear with the passing of time as a distinguishing feature.

Thus, rusted metal and seasoned wood have been incorporated into porcelain tiles to become the key material as a decorative element that facilitates construction and ensures its material durability.


XLIGHT ARCAN, the evolution of steel cut into porcelain tiles

With a rusty and abandoned appearance, steel cut into XLIGHT ARCAN  porcelain tiles is a material with a changing origin and a strong industrial style wherever it is used: façades, interior walls or furniture coatings, among others, giving rise to volumes which are converted into vivid sculptures.

A collection with a heterogeneous appearance and uniform colour with a rich range of brown, reddish and orangey shades that change the appearance depending on the light, thanks to the metallized finish.


Weather resistance, RIVEN

The woods in 20 mm thick porcelain tiles from the RIVEN  collection are the perfect complement to the XLIGHT ARCAN rusty steel surface.

In its darkest shade, the graphic variety of RIVEN Brown along with an extensive canvas ensures a harmonious combination for outside installations.