Economic improvement favors investment and with it, the implementation of new projects that take advantage of the sustained progress and development in the construction field.

The sector is revitalized, and renovations lead the resurgence of the construction sector with building renovations and the restoration of outdated buildings.

This is because renovation ensures the life of a building – from its structure, to the facade, the interiors, or its equipment – and it is essential to address the whole with qualities and solutions that, besides renovating it at an aesthetic level, contribute to significantly improve quality of life, its functionality, and durability.

As a side note, just in Spain, 80% of households waste energy because they are in buildings that are over 30 years old and predate the NBE-CT 79, the first regulation that introduced minimum efficiency criteria; therefore, the need to contribute to insulation improvement in existing building facades is of crucial importance.

Smart coverage

The technical features of XLIGHT make it an ally for designing insulating and unalterable facades of great beauty that also contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings.

PORCELANOSA Grupo offers various construction solutions for the use of XLIGHT in renovations, thanks to the construction solutions offered by Butech, the firm specialized in the development of facades with bonded, ventilated, or modular systems among others, that improve energy savings in buildings.

Why choose a ventilated facade? In addition to an aesthetic upgrade, it improves the building’s technical and sound insulation. Thus, with the air chamber between the outer enclosure covered with porcelain tiles and the interior wall, we can achieve an energy savings of about 20% to 30% more than with other conventional coverings.

How does the XLIGHT ventilated facade work? It entails creating a shield made by 3 layers: the first layer is insulation fixed directly on the wall, where the floor-slab edge’s thermal bridge is broken. The second layer is the air chamber, where a “chimney effect” is created so that the heat-transmitted hot air is renewed, and lastly the XLIGHT ceramic sheet in contact with the exterior.

Revaluation with energy efficiency; Solar radiation falls on XLIGHT rather than on the original facade, reducing the heat input to the interior of the dwelling in the summer. Similarly, in winter the dwelling loses less heat, thus saving on heating bills.

Construction advantages; We would like to stress that the lightness of the XLIGHT material, in addition to significantly reducing construction times, streamlines the handling of the ceramic plate for vertical works, thanks to its weight reduction. This is of greater importance when it comes to large-scale projects.

A nivel de proyectos comerciales, destacar proyectos que vuelven a dar vida a edificios olvidados como la rehabilitación del patio interior y habitaciones del histórico “Hotel Francisco I” de Madrid (España), la reforma integral del estadio Watford F.C en Hertfordshire (Reino Unido), la cuidada y respetuosa restauración realizada por el equipo de arquitectos “The De Rosa Groupes” del “Hotel Indigo” en New Jersey, (USA), y el rediseño de la fachada del vanguardista “One Shot Hotel” en Valencia (España).

Featured projects

In terms of commercial projects, we would like to highlight projects that give new life to forgotten buildings, such as the renovation of the inner courtyard and rooms of the historic “Hotel Francisco I” in Madrid (Spain), the comprehensive renovation the of Watford F.C Stadium in Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), the careful and respectful renovation carried out by the “The De Rosa Groupes” team of architects of the “Hotel Indigo” in New Jersey (USA), and the facade redesign of the avant-garde “One Shot Hotel” in Valencia (Spain).