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SOUL Marble Gallery

URBATEK presents SOUL Marble Gallery, a new innovation in porcelain tiles. Inspired by rock, marble and sandstone, SOUL brings the timeless beauty of nature’s fine materials to wall and floor tiles, combined with all the high-performance properties of porcelain tiles and the added distinction of a high-gloss shine.

SOUL Marble Gallery is made up of six marble-effect tile models, each in different patterns and colours. Thanks to the numerous finer details and subtle nuances of their veined patterns, they are ideal for use in more spacious settings where they can be combined to create endless different designs.

– SOUL WHITE. White tiles with a striking grey veined pattern. Inspired by classical marble, SOUL WHITE infuses settings with stylish elegance.

– SOUL FROST. These tiles stand out for their fine network of grey veins on a brilliant white background. A very popular choice, thanks to SOUL FROST’s crystallized effect.

– SOUL CREAM. A tile model in natural shades of cream and beige, with paler veining. SOUL CREAM fits in perfectly with a wide range of decorative styles, adding an exclusive touch to living spaces.

– SOUL STONE. In a mid shade of greyish brown, with an abundance of white and beige branch-like veins. Perfect for settings where a strong personality is required.

-SOUL SAND. This model emulates sandstone’s grainy appearance in a spectrum of creamy, pale brown and earthy shades typical of sedimentary rock. A versatile, harmonious, functional choice.

– SOUL BONE. A greyish beige tile model with linear stripes. Its pattern, evocative of metamorphic rock, is ideal for large surfaces.

Thanks to its outstanding resistance, the SOUL Marble Gallery porcelain tile collection is an unbeatable choice for indoor floors subject to high traffic, like shopping centres, stores, hotels, restaurants, offices and public buildings. At the same time, it is equally well suited for use in homes or residential projects.

A collection available in a 59.4×59.4cm or 29.6×59.4cm format and thickness of 11.2mm, this modularity allows for the creation of layouts with a strong visual appeal, with the added advantage that special cut-down sizes are also available to make architectural and interior design projects of all kinds a reality.

Tiles with an unparalleled polished finish, they have a reflective capacity of over 90%, ensuring an incredible high-gloss shine.

Thanks to new innovations, the essence of marble and sandstone has been brought to porcelain tiles, making it possible for today’s architecture to convey all the intrinsic beauty of fine stone, with all the benefits of URBATEK porcelain tiles and the guarantee of PORCELANOSA Grupo.