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Last weekend, the 14th edition of the Mediterranean Real Estate Exhibition was held in Malaga. The most renowned professionals in the field met there, where the eight PORCELANOSA Group companies demonstrated their presence in the industry.

The elegance and silkiness of the well-kept XLight Premium collections merged in the URBATEK living room located inside the home presented by PORCELANOSA Grupo. Haven Bone Polished floor and wall covering highlighted its beige and cream tonal interlacing when contrasted with the earth gray of the fireplace lined with Liem Grey in its Silk finish.

The combination of the high gloss produced by Haven Bone with the sobriety of the crossing of branched and punctual veins of Liem Grey make the living room a sophisticated place for its beauty and finesse. A space that invites to leisure because of its sobriety and ability to reflect light.

A shine and silkiness that highlight the chromacity of its pieces creating an atmosphere of genuine comfort.