• Porcelanico de gran formato STARK para revestimiento y pavimento
  • Porcelanico de gran formato STARK para revestimiento y pavimento


What happens when XLIGHT’s large format is combined with the CICLIK philosophy?

This innovative collection forms part of the latest generation of large-format XLIGHT products. Based on the CICLIK philosophy and an eco-efficient manufacturing process with only minimal environmental impacts, these products contain a high percentage of recycled materials.

STARK, cutting-edge porcelain sheets have been combined with cement effects, with all the textures and subtle nuances of this contemporary-looking material. The objective is to produce increasingly large formats in a variety of thicknesses, suitable for use in projects of all kinds.

Each shade of colour comes in two textures to ensure greater plasticity and more creative freedom: Rock, a textured matt finish reminiscent of surfaces worked with a spatula, and Nature, in a totally smooth matt finish.

Available in a 6mm-thick 119x119cm format for use on residential floors and a 12mm-thick 119x119cm one for floors subject to high traffic, STARK can be matched with 6mm-thick 119x250cm sheets to ensure continuity on walls.

Cement shades in a rich choice of colours perfect for creating continuous surfaces:

STARK White, inspired by heavily refined clays for creating uniform off-white surfaces.

STARK Beige, inspired by traditional clay for creating warm-looking surfaces.

STARK Sand, the warmest-looking most luminous option in ivory.

STARK Grey, a neutral easily combinable colour in ash grey.

STARK Black, reminiscent of volcanic lava, overlaid with a touch of brown.