XLIGHT, technical conferences in Russia

The expansion of large-format ceramic products is consolidated in Russia as an essential material among architects and interior designers.

In recent years, the promotional work carried out at an international level has allowed for the introduction of the infinite potential ofURBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo’s XLIGHT large-format porcelain mainly in Russia, China, and the USA, having a very positive influence in the use of the latest developments.

Together with Zodiac, there have recently been technical conferences in Moscow, Nijnii Novgorod, and St. Petersburg where the potential of its transformation has been shared.

XLIGHT is linked to concepts such as innovation, technology, and avant-garde, but also to functionality and practicality. An example of it are the practical demonstrations that address from the reception of the material to the piece’s design approach, cutting, and on-site installation.

Practices that provide solutions to construction ideas.