Showroom urbatek xtone Sala estela


As a result of the company’s ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technology, URBATEK is expanding its range of possibilities by offering a virtual tour that shows, in great detail, the Xtone Experience Showroom that the company presented at the 27th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition last January.

URBATEK has opted this year for a new showroom concept that breaks with established standards. The potential and the versatility of geometries, forms and installations of the XTONE material, together with the will to introduce the user to a new atmosphere of ideas and possibilities have been the two fundamental premises for the development of the showroom project, that has been carried out by the Doctor Architect Moisés Royo – mukaarquitectura. – XTONE 360º

An interactive experience that allows architecture and design professionals to get to know the the exhibition that forms a maze-like route entering the visitor into up to fourteen rooms: a suggestive and ethereal showroom where the porcelain stoneware material in its countless forms, cuts and modulations allow the viewers to immerse themselves in other dimensions.

In a totally intuitive way, the user can navigate and enter the brand’s facilities to explore and get to know the wide selection of materials and textures offered by XTONE material.

A space that has managed to distance the users from reality and immerse them in the world of ideas and sensory experiences throught the XTONExperience concept.

The opening of a hidden door in one of the exhibition rooms (Origami room) or the zoom option offered by the tour allows to perceive every detail of the designs, as well as the different layouts, cuts and modulations that have been developed in each of the rooms.

Supported by any browser and operating system, this virtual tour is accessible both on mobile devices and computers, providing customers with new ways to get to know the product quickly and directly: dive into the exhibition itself, achieving a full browsing experience.


A virtual journey in the creation of architectural spaces.

XTONE 360º