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Large-format porcelain tiles will play a starring role at the 14th International Global Architecture & Interior Design Exhibition, organized by PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Yet again, from February 13th to 17th, PORCELANOSA Grupo’s Vila-real headquarters will act as a launch pad for the presentation of the latest products by the group’s eight companies.

As with past editions, URBATEK – the company synonymous with large-format porcelain tiles – will be continuing to promote its resistant unalterable products, suitable for use in designs of all kinds without the limitations usually associated with tile formats and thicknesses.

In particular, URBATEK will be showcasing the latest applications of its large-format porcelain tile materials.

Since XLIGHT Premium was launched at CERSAIE 2016, it has received constant recognition and approval from professionals, distributors, and clients as a major breakthrough in porcelain tiles. Proof of this are awards like INNOV16, which it received at the trade fair EQUIPHOTEL last November in Paris. And, needless to say, any such recognition is an incentive to carry on evolving.

Given URBATEK’s awareness of this, it has striven to extend the colours in the XLIGHT Premium range, adding new shades inspired by the finest marbles.

In addition to the different applications and combinations of products on display in URBATEK’s revamped showroom, the magnificence of the XLIGHT Premium range, used in a variety of applications, can also be seen in the showrooms of other companies from PORCELANOSA Grupo.

With just a few weeks to go before the latest edition opens, we invite you to make a virtual visit to URBATEK’s showroom and discover the latest developments in large-format porcelain tile materials.